Tips and Suggestions

Here are some simple yet critical tips for your next audition!

  • Make sure your music is clearly marked, with no missing pages or cut off lines. Prepare it with as few page-turns as possible. I prefer music to be printed double-sided and placed in a loose-leaf binder. I do not like plastic sheet protectors, because they can cause glare, but some accompanists like them for the ease of turning pages. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s put together professionally!
  • If you are bringing in a song with music that you haven’t sung to before, find a pianist friend to play it for/with you. Sometimes music downloaded from web sites is really quirky and not great for the accompanist.
  • Smile and say thank you!

I have many more tips that I’d be delighted to share with you as we work together in coaching sessions. Please contact me for an appointment or more information!