“I always enjoy working with Marilyn! She’s a consummate professional – always prepared, detailed, and organized. She also brings a wealth of experience, patience and dedication, and a wonderful sense of humor to every experience.”

 – Chrissy L.


“I love working with Marilyn as a music director! She’s incredibly patient with her cast members and her attention to detail ensures everything is sung as written, but she also allows performers to have some creative freedom if the show lends itself to that. Marilyn has been an accompanist for a few cabarets I’ve been a part of as well and she really listens to and follows the singer, which makes it much easier and more enjoyable for me as a performer.”

–  Adina L.


“When I hired Marilyn to play in the pit orchestra of our school’s Fall musical, I didn’t fully realize what a consummate professional I would be working with. Marilyn is not only a great player and accompanist, but she is also a joy to collaborate with. As a director who is often looking for accompanists and music directors, Marilyn possess so many sometimes overlooked qualities: Marilyn shows up early to her call, is prepared to tackle the work in the rehearsal, deals with challenges with a positive mindset, communicates questions and ideas, and has such a pleasant attitude and spirit. In fact, after I worked with her twice, I offered Marilyn a job to music direct for our program in the upcoming year! ”

– Kevin B.